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The Balearic island of Minorca is north east of its larger neighbour Majorca. Its name reflects its size and was given to the island by the Romans. Many civilisations have occupied Menorca as the numerous settlements and burial grounds illustrate. Among the forty or so historical sites you will be able to see evidence of the Greeks, Turks and Arabs, as well as the Romans. The walking on the island is generally more gentle than the mountains of northern Spain, but Monto Toro, the islands highest peak, does offer a more challenging experience for the more serious walker.

Despite being extremely popular as a holiday destination, Menorca has not been over developed and its uniqueness spoilt as with other areas of Spain. This is because the local population take a very active role in the developmental decisions of their resorts. This has meant that the rolling hill of the interior are largely untouched. The fields and woodlands of Minorca are reminiscent of the old English fields with their meadow flowers. In the spring and early summer you'll be able to enjoy the blue cornflowers, red poppies and yellow marguerites as you explore the island.

As Menorca is the most northerly of the Balearic islands it has the coolest climate and it has more rain. The wettest time of year is the autumn when temperatures start to fall reaching around 10ºC in the winter. Temperatures in the summer reach 28ºC in July and August and its is generally dry.


Although a much smaller island Minorca does have its own airport at its south eastern corner, at Mahon.  It has a surprising large number of airlines servicing the airport and therefore gives you plenty of opportunity to take advantage of cheaper flights. As the island is so small it's extremely easy to get all over the island in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Mahon.

The islands has some beautiful bays and coves where you will be able to enjoy and relax in the sun. On the south ans south west shores you will find some the most popular beach destinations. The horseshoe shaped bay of Cala Galdana is a favourite for tourists and the long sandy beaches of Son Bou enjoy views of the Menorcan countryside If you enjoy water sports then the beaches near the fishing village of Fornells on the north of the island is the place to go.

Walking Near Mahon Spain
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Walking Near Mahon
The island's capital city is Mahon and its is easy to see the influence of the English in the classically styled buildings. Whilst Lord Nelson was on the island he lived in mansion house, Golden Farm which has splendid views of the harbour and was a natural choice for the admiral. The harbour today is a fascinating place to walk along with its many attractive boats, yachts, boutiques and bars.  You may want to visit the famous distillery, Xoriguer, where Minorcan gin is produced using the same process for generations 

Walking Around Ciutadella
The town of Ciutadella is the other major port on the island. Its located on the most westerly tip of the coast and has a distinct Spanish and Moorish feel. Its most magnificent buildings and palaces display the Baroque and Gothic influences of their original owners. It is an ideal area for exploring on foot and visiting some of the best navetas, prehistoric funeral structures.  Little is know about these structures but the Naveta dels Tudons is fantastic. It is shaped like an upturned bow of a ship and is over two-stories high, a most impressive sight.

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