Walking in Andalucia

Olive Trees in Andalucia
Red Poppies on a hike in Andalucia

Andalusia offers some of the most varied walking in Spain. It is the second largest region in Spain and its capital is Seville. It sits at the southern most tip of Spain and shares its coast with both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There is easy access to North Africa via a short ferry trip from bordering Gibraltar.

Andalusia's varied countryside and beautiful beaches provide the independent and guided walker with a rich variety of scenery and walking levels throughout its eight regions. There are several possibilities for the more experienced walker to undertake more challenging walks in the more mountainous provinces of Andalusia. Inland there is lush forests of sweet chestnuts and Spanish oaks along rolling hillside and in its national parks rugged mountains.

The region's temperate climate with hot dry summers and mild winters makes it perfect for walking and site seeing. As one of the warmest regions of Europe it can best be enjoyed in spring and early summer (March to June), and then again late summer and the autumn (September to November). Short rambles are best at the height of the summer because of the heat, you'll need plenty of water. If you want a late winter break (January - February) you need to be aware that in most of the regions rain falls at this time of year.


The long standing tourism to this area means that it is well serviced by its 6 airports and cheap flights can be found to one or more of them from most European airports. This choice easily enables you to arrive closer to your destination eliminating long drives to your final destination from the airport.

  • Almeria
  • Gibraltar
  • Granada
  • Jerez
  • Malaga
  • Seville

The eight Andalusian cities offer some of Spain's most beautiful and historic sites. With over eight centuries of Muslim rule the evidence of their presence is still evident today in the universities of the region and the architecture. Their rule was ended by the Catholics at the end of the fifteenth century.  Each one provides you with an excellent day out and an opportunity to taste the local food and wine of the region as well as the opportunity to walk in varied and often spectacular countryside.

Walking in Almeria
Almeria boasts the only coastal mountain range of this region, the Sierra del Cabo de Gata. You will be able to see the wonderful colours of the different layers of rock, which are volcanic  in origin. The sea has shaped the landscape into a several jagged cliffs, peppered with hidden caves and small unspoilt beaches. It is fantastic walking country for the serious enthusiast as you'll need to take all your food and drink with you as there are few villages or towns. It has the only desert in Europe, the Rabernas and is protected as part of the Sierra Nevada national park.

Walking Around Cadiz in Andalucia
Walking in Grazalema

Walking around Cadiz
The city of Cadiz is one of Spain's oldest cities and was founded by the Phoenicians. It is home to the famous equestrian centre & Sherry wine. You can visit the local Bodegas in the Jerez de la Frontera area to fully appreciate this wine. The province has the national park of Grazalema offers the walker some spectacular views of the gullies, caverns,  limestone cliffs and the chance to see the wildlife of Andalusia. You can enjoy some superb walking through the picturesque white villages (pueblos blancos) of this area. The village of Grazalema itself is situated in Grazalema national park between two peaks and offers excellent sites, restaurants and walking opportunities. Further south is the Alcornocales national park and at its southern most tip is Gibraltar and the wind surfing beaches of Tarifa, Chiclana de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Rota & Sanlucar de Barrameda.

Walking in the Mountains Near Cordoba

Walking Near Cordoba
Historically this was the centre of Moorish rule and its great Mosque, Mezquita is outstanding and one of the many examples of such buildings in the city. Just north of the town of Lucena the small village of Zuheros marks the entrance to Cordoba's national park Sierra Subbetica. Its tourist office provides details in English of all its walks and the difficulty level, those looking for a more challenging activities will find them here. The rugged mountains and and rocky hills are interspersed with olive groves and provide beautiful panoramic views of the countryside.

View of the Alhambra whan walking in Andalucia
Walking in Sierra Nevada

Walking Around Granada
The province of Granada is home to the snowy mountain peaks of Spain's most famous national park, Sierra Nevada.   These peaks are the highest in Spain with Mulhacen being the highest at 3,481 metres. It is a favourite area for skiers, mountaineers and experienced walkers, it is not suitable for the inexperienced. The city of Granada has some of the best Moorish architecture in Europe today with the Alhambra being the most famous.

Walking in Andalucia Spain under a beautiful sky
Walking Around Huelva Spain

Walking in Huelva
Donana National Park provides a plethora of migrating and breeding birds at key times of the year for the keen bird spotter. The Park preserves the specialised fauna and flora of the  moving dunes and marshlands on this Atlantic coast. Just south of the city of Huelva is the port of Palos de la Frontera. You can see a reconstruction of the port and the 3 famous ships that Christopher Columbus used when he set sail on his historic voyage to America. You can also visit the monastery where he made preparations for his voyage.


Walking Near Jaen
The inland city of Jaen has a magnificent medieval fortress which domineers its landscape. Towards the borders of Murcia there is the natural reserve of Sierra de Cazorla which is the largest of Spain's natural parks.  Its mountain range of Cazorla has some of the best peak climbing (2,000m high) of the area. There are easier walks in the park where you can enjoy the region's fauna and flora. 

In the north of the Jaen province, bordering the Castilla de Mancha region, is the Sierra de Andujar national parks. An area of fantastic wildlife and the possibility of seeing wolves and eagles in these isolated rocky hills. For the more experienced walker and climber there are many challenges you could take up. Towards the west is Sierra de Cardena y Monotoso, large granite mountains which spread into the neighbouring province of Cordoba. The more rolling countryside offers numerous opportunities for picnic and swimming. Outside of the winter hunting season you can see Iberian lynx, otter, wolf and a variety of birds of prey, the perfect spot for the nature enthusiast.

Walking Near Marbella Spain
Walking Near Zahara in Andalucia Spain

Walking in Malaga
The Moorish Alcazaba in Malaga in one of its many attractions, along with the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol and their impressive ports often attracting the rich and famous, most notably Marbella. It also boats the first bull ring in Spain at Ronda in the mountains, a beautiful town built at the top of an awe inspiring gorge.

Behind the coast is the beautiful mountains of Sierra de las Nieves in the Genal Valley, near Ronda. It is a rocky area with several gentle walks and rambles amongst its mixed forests, chestnut, Spanish oak, ash, carob and cork, The walk to Torrecilla, its highest peak (1909m), are more challenging and best undertaken in the Spring and Autumn. If you are thinking of staying in this area then please take a look at our Casa Rural Ronda which makes an ideal base for walking holidays.

Walking Near The Cathedral Seville Spain
Walking in Seville Spain
Walking Around Seville
This is the third largest city in Spain and boasts many of Spain's best known monuments.  Its Gothic cathedral, Torre del Oro is one of the largest in the world and was built over the Muslim mosque after the Christian conquest. Next to it is the Arabian bell tower, Giralda which gives fantastic vies of the city as a reward for your climb. The Jewish quarter of medieval Seville, Barrio Santa Cruz shows the vibrant culture of the old small alleys and tall buildings creating a captivating character of its own.
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