El Parque Natural de l'Albufera

El Parque Natural de l'Albufera

The Natural Park of Albufera is located south of Valencia City. It covers 2,584ha and is separated from the Bay of Alc├║dia by an 8 km-long sand bar. It is an extremely important wetland area with diverse species of flora and fauna (particularly waterfowl).

There is a reception centre Sa Roca and 5 signposted walks around the reserve.

The formation of Lake Albufera occurred after the collapse of approximately about 30 kilometres of cord coast between Valencia and Cullera.

Over 250 bird species have been recorded, 90 of which are breed here. Winter sees the arrival of migratory birds. These include the Anata, red duck and grey and purple heron.

Most of the Natural Park of Albufera is occupied by crops of rice and by the coastal lagoon. Grass and Bell Sea Dune grow on the mobile dunes and where the dunes are more permanent; scrub such as mastic and coscoja grow. The salt marshes are colonized by species of herbs and salty Barrilla. The vegetation of rocky substrate is represented by the thyme, rosemary bushes, aliaga, in addition to the rockrose.


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