El Prat de Cabanes Natural Park

El Prat de Cabanes Natural Park

El Prat de Cabanes Natural Park is located on a coastal plain that runs between the town boundaries of Torreblanca and Cabanes. It is a wetland area and covers a total of 860 Hectares.

There is a visitor centre, located between Torreblanca and Oropesa. You must arrange to visit the park with the visitor centre; who in turn will provide information on the trails and routes in the park.

Close by are the towns Oropesa, Cabanes, Viíllamés, Benicásim and the capital of the province Castellón de la Plana. Each is worth visiting for their cultural and monumental interest.

Some of the species that visit are the grey eaglet, moustached warbler and collared pranticole. The mallard and red-crested pochard are also frequent visitors. Fish include mosquitofish and toothcarp which are pretty typical of the area.

In the areas of less saline the vegetation is predominantly rushes and reeds. While in more saline areas plants such as limonietalia appear.


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