Parque Natural de la Sierra de Cebollera


The Parque Natural de la Sierra de Cebollera is located approximately 50 km south of Logroño, in region of Cameros. This beautiful lush green park is home to many fine examples of wild pine and beech forests and Pyrenean Oak groves, along with many other different species of flora and fauna. Its scenery is further enhanced by the fact that the Northern Iberian Mountain range surrounds the park. It covers a total area of 23,640ha.

There is a visitor centre in the town Villoslada de Cameros.

Mammals found here include fox, wild boar, deer, squirrel, mountain cat, otter and Pyrenean muskat. Birds of prey are well represented by goshawk, sparrowhawk, honey buzzard, booted eagle, common buzzard and short-toed eagle.

More than half of the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Cebollera is covered with forest. It is predominated by beautiful forests of oak, beech and wild pine trees. As well as willow, hazel, popular, maple, ash and black pine.


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