Lake of Pitillas Nature Reserve

Lake of Pitillas Nature Reserve

The Lake of Pitillas Nature Reserve is located 3km from Pitillas and 60 km south of Pamplona. The surface of the lake covers 216ha and is up to 3m deep. It is a naturally formed lake and is particularly important wetland area for many hundreds of bird species; migratory and resident.

There are three self-guided routes. There is also a bird observatory located on a hill, which allows visitors to view the birds without disturbing them. The routes range from 1km up to 5km. If you are interested in observing birds, winter is best time to visit. Between March to June it is recommended that you take alternative routes so as not to disturb the birds and their chicks.

The Castle of Olite is close by, as is the Monastery de la Oliva and the medieval village of Ujué.

Resident birds of the Lake of Pitillas Nature Reserve include Mallard, Northern Shoveler, Little Grebe, Great Crested Grebe, White stork, Heron, Red Kite, Griffon Vulture and Golden Eagle; these name but a few of the residents. Migratory birds include Booted eagle, Common quail, Baillon's crake, Little bustard, Barn swallow, Tawny pipit, Greylag goose, Eurasian wigeon and Common teal.


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