Foz de Arbayún Nature Reserve

Foz de Arbayún Nature Reserve

The Foz de Arbayún Nature Reserve covers a total area of 1,164 ha. The protected area consists of a spectacular gorge which lies between Lumbier and Romanzado. The gorge has been carved out by the Salazar river and is 5.6km in length with deep vertical walls that reach up to 300 metres in places.

There is a Nature Interpretation Centre located in Lumbier, where information regarding the walking tracks and flora and fauna is available. One way of getting to the reserve is by following the Aragonese route which is part of the famous Pilgrims Route to Santiago.

There is a particularly good view point at Iso. The Lumbier Gorge is close by and is also worth a visit.

The Foz de Arbayún Nature Reserve is known for its large colony of Griffon vultures. There are also lammergeyers, Egyptian vultures, eagles, goshawks, eaglets, eagle owls, falcons, etc. The mammals include wild boars and roe deer.

Beech and pine are the predominate trees. The more humid parts of the reserve are home to lindens, ash trees, maples, service trees, hazel trees and elms. There are some autochthonous species that grow in the rock cracks, such as the Saxifraga longifolia.


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