Sierra Espuna National Park

Sierra Espuna National Park

The Sierra Espuña National Park is located 25kms the city of Murcia. It is a stunning park, which consists of dramatic peaks, pine forests and wild countryside. The most dominant peak is the ochre coloured Espuña (1,579m). The park covers 10,000ha and is popular place to visit.

The Sierra Espuña National Park is plays host to hiking/biking and horse riding trails. As well as being a popular place for mountain climbers. Due to its close proximity to the city of Murcia it can be very busy at weekends and holidays.

Animals found here include hares, rabbits, squirrels, wild boar, wild cat, foxes and snakes. Birds of prey such as Golden Eagles and Sparrow Hawks also inhabit the mountains.

Pine forest covers much of the Sierra Espuña National Park. The precipices and other humid zones of the mountain range are home to copses of elm trees, dwarfed poplars, poplars and willows. Scrub includes; hawthorns, junipers and savins. Almost a thousand different plant species appear in Espuña Mountain range.


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