Parque Natural del Complejo Dunar de Corrubedo

Parque Natural del Complejo Dunar de Corrubedo

The Parque Natural del Complejo Dunar de Corrubedo is situated in the province of A Coruña, to the southeast of the peninsula of Barbanza. The protected area covers 996ha and consists of the Corrubedo dune complex, which are mobile dunes of around 4km situated close to the mouth of several rivers and the Pools of Carregal and Vixán. Carregal is a salt water lagoon and Vixán is a fresh water lagoon. Both of these are home to many unique species. The reserve’s landscape consists of salt marshes, swamps, plains, pine forest and farm land.

There is a visitor centre amongst the trees with plenty of information on the park and details of the 3 self guided walks.

In and around the reserve, there are many traces of human existence some dating back to prehistoric times. There are hill-forts at Tahúme, Mont Facho, Artes, Monte Castro, Porto Baixo and Castelos. Petroglyphs (prehistoric rock drawings) of the Pedra das Cabras to name but a few. There are also abundant religious monuments in the area, such as stone crosses.

Bird species such as the snowy plover, the common loon, the grey heron, the little egret, cormorants and mallards are all found here. There are reptiles such as the Galician wall lizard or the Iberian newt, and as for the mammals, the otter, the hedgehog, the genet or the squirrels all stand out.

In the pools there are meadows of reeds and glasswort.


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