Sierra de Urbión Natural Space

Sierra de Urbión Natural Space

The Sierra de Urbión Natural Space is mountainous escarpments belonging to the Sistema Ibérico. Located at the borders between Soria, Burgos and La Rioja. The area is famous because the river Duero emerges within these mountains, and they also contain an interesting collection of lakes of glacial origin. Particularly interesting among the multitude of small natural lakes is La Laguna Negra ("The Black Pool"), which is surrounded by a mixed forest of Scots pines and beech trees, the lagoon is the source of many popular legends and traditions. The area covers a total of 63644ha.

There are many routes within the Sierra de Urbión Natural Space. A map and compass is essential.

The fauna is diverse. Mammals include wolf, roe deer, wild boar, otter, marten, rabbit and hare. Birds such as common partridge and birds of prey golden eagle, griffon vulture.

The Sierra de Urbión Natural Space is home to forests of Scots pines, hooked pines, birch, holly, poplar, chestnut, hazelnut, oak and juniper.


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