Sierra de La Demanda Natural Space

Sierra de La Demanda Natural Space

The Sierra de La Demanda is located south-east of the province Burgos. The area is mountainous and home to lush forests and glacial lakes. It is also an area in which many burial sites, architectural remains and fossils exist. The protected area covers a total of 81,300ha.

There are some particularly outstanding areas to visit. These include the Dehesas de Huerta de Arriba, Monterrubio de la Demanda, Tolbaños de Abajo, the upper course of the Pedroso, the valley of Río Frío and the glacial lakes of Neila. For those interested in architectural remains, it’s worth visiting the Romasnesque porticos of Vizcaínos, Pineda de la Sierra and Jaramillo de la Fuente and also the early medieval shrines and necropolis of Revenga, Cuyacabras, Cueva Andrés and La Cerca.

The forests within the Sierra de La Demanda natural space provide a home to an abundant number of species, including wolves, deer, roe deer, wild cats, badgers, otters, the small Pyrenean desman and numerous birds of prey. Golden eagle, short-toed eagle and booted eagle, goshawk, honey buzzard, common partridge, and tree creeper.

Beech groves and oak groves with extensive Scots pine forests lie alongside large areas of holly.


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