Montes Obarenes Natural Park

Montes Obarenes Natural Park

The Montes Obarenes are the northern most spurs of the Cordillera Cantábrica. The Natural Park covers an area of 45,280ha. This mountainous region rises up to 1,237m (the highest peak is Pan Perdido) and is characterised by its series of deep gorges and ravines. The river Ebro, Oca and Purón carve through this beautiful landscape.

The walking route ‘Garganta del Río Puroce en la Sª Arcena’ takes the visitor through a series of ravines and waterfalls. It follows an Roman road, which was also used frequently by "Foramontanos" (people who emigrated from the hills) in medieval times.

The Montes Obarenes Natural Park is culturally and historically rich. The town of Oña is home to San Salvador a medieval monastery. The town of Frías is particularly beautiful with its castle and hanging houses. There are cave paintings in Penches and a waterfall of interest in Tobera.

The rocky natural of the park is an ideal home to many birds of prey. These include griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, golden eagle, goshawk, sparrow hawk, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, bonnelli's eagle and choughs.

There are several endemic species along with holm oak woods, gall oak, resin pine Scots pine and some beech.


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