Las Batuecas Natural Park

Las Batuecas Natural Park

Located to the southeast of Salamanca, at the border with Cáceres and covering an area of 32,000ha. Deep within its mountainous surroundings is the Las Batuecas Natural Park; a stunning valley of lush green forest and vegetation which is a haven for many Iberian flora and fauna. The Natural Park is home to many prehistoric (mid-Neolithic) cave paintings and set deep within the valley is the Carmelite convert of San José.

There are many walking routes within the Las Batuecas Natural Park. One of particular interest is a route from the entrance of the Convent which takes you to the Cascada del Chorro (waterfall).

The collection of Prehistoric paintings are distributed among the quartzite shelters forming the valley and along the course of the river. At the entrance of the valley is the Convento del Desierto. It was built in the 15th century as a place for hermit/refuge lifestyles, along with other sanctuaries situated inside and outside the convent area. These sanctuaries are scattered amongst the surrounding cliffs.

Wild goat, roe deer, wolf, wild boar, and the Iberian lynx are some of the mammals found here. The birds of prey, Black vulture, golden eagle and Egyptian vulture are located within the Las Batuecas Natural Park.


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