Lago de Sanabria y Alrededores Natural Park

Lago de Sanabria y Alrededores Natural Park

The Lago de Sanabria Natural Park is a beautiful area located in the north-west of Zamora Province. Over thirty glacial lakes lie at 4000 feet or more above sea level. It consists of mountains, lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, canyons and valleys. The mountain peaks rise to between 2000 and 7000 feet. The park’s name sake is a large lake glacial lake which covers 318ha (surface area) and is a depth of 50 metres – this is the largest lake in the Iberian Peninsula.

There are many walks within the park. The visitor centre at in the ruins of a monastery at San Martin de Castaneda can give more details.

Located in San Martín de Castañeda is the Romanesque monastery of Santa María (this is also the visitor centre for the area). Puebla de Sanabria has many monuments and the numerous examples of popular architecture. In the town of Santuario de Nuestra Señora there is a simple chapel located on the banks of the Tera river, and a beautiful stone cross with traditional figures of the Crucifixion and the Virgin.

The Lago de Sanabria Natural Park is home to many birds and animals. These include golden eagle, wolf, roe deer, Bocage's lizard and Seoane's viper.

The forests surrounding the Lago de Sanabria are predominantly Pyrenean oaks. There is also holly, yew, birch and alders. The higher altitudes are home to thickets of escabon, buckthorn and heather. More than 15% of the plant species of the reserve are endemic such as the Carqueixa Sanabresa and the Geranium bohenicum.


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