El Rebollar Natural Space

El Rebollar Natural Space

The Sierra de Gata natural space is the last massif of the Sistema Central located within Spanish territory. The mountains are predominantly slate with small granite outcrops, with the highest peak reaching just over 1,500m (Peña Canchera). It is home to some of the most extensive Pyrenean oak forests in the Iberian Peninsula.

Situated on the oldest materials of the Iberian plinth that emerged in the palaeozoic era. The mountains were affected by meteorite action and destructive processes which created soft gradients.

This area is an important refuge for the Iberian lynx as well as many other animals including wild boar, wolf, roe deer and golden eagles.

Large woods of Pyrenean oak - the most extensive forests of this species in the Iberian Peninsula - cover a large area of the slopes of the Sierra de Gata and also give their name to this protected space: el Rebollar.


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