Covalagua Natural Space

Covalagua Natural Space

The Covalagua Natural Space is located in the Páramo de La Lora, between the provinces of Palencia and Burgos. It covers an area of 2860ha. The karstic limestone landscape is full of caverns, dolines, waterfalls and large hanging synclinals.

The cavern Cueva de los Franceses is particularly famous. Close to Covalagua is Aguilar de Campoo which is home to an impressive restored Cistercian monastery. Monte Bernorio has a hill fort. Menhir Canto-Hito - Megalithic archaeological site, 3 metres high. Palaeolithic sites in shelters and caves. Pozo de los Lobos ("The Well of the Wolves") an old trapping system used for capturing wolves.

The Covalagua Natural Space is home to many animals including Roe deer and wild boar and wolf.

Mixed beech, gall oak and broom woods, yew trees and heather.


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