Candelario Natural Space

Candelario Natural Space

Situated to the southwest of Salamanca, the Candelario Natural space includes the Sierra Candelario and is part of the Condillera Central mountain range. This is a little known area and is very beautiful.

As well as giving its name to the whole natural space, the town of Candelario also preserves the region's most interesting collection of popular architecture, including escalated façades and large wooden sun terraces.

Set in an indescribable mountain region and surrounded by thick chestnut trees and oak woods, one of the region's principal monuments is the Renaissance church of Asunción. One of Candelario's traditional products deserves a special mention: the exquisite "chorizo cular", cured by the cold, dry air of the nearby sierra.

This beautiful and diverse landscape is the result of intense modelling of different types, both glacial and fluvial. Glacial action gave rise to cirques and lakes, whilst rivers have created deep valleys.

The Candelario Natural space is home to some species of raptor. Its other inhabitants include the Iberian Lynx and wild boar.

The lower zones are covered by Pyrenean oak and chestnut trees, as well as holm oaks and alders. The peaks are covered by mountain pastures.


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