Arribes del Duero Natural Park

Arribes del Duero Natural Park

The Arribes del Duero Natural Park is located in the west of Zamora and Salamanca, where the river Duero borders with Portugal. The river has eroded the surrounding granite landscape and formed deep and extensive valleys and headlands. The Natural Park covers a total of 176,248 ha and has rich and varied fauna and flora.

One of the most famous waterfalls of the area is the Well of Smoke ("Pozo de los Humos") which is part of the Uces river. This spectacular waterfall is over 200m in height.

Birds of prey found within the Arribes del Duero Natural Park include golden eagle, peregrine falcon and eagle owl. There are also many white storks and black storks. Amongst the mammals, the wolf stands out as well as martens, wild boar, badgers and foxes.

Vegetation includes cork oak, dispersed with clumps of Pyreneean oak, holm oak, hackberry and juniper.


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