Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve

Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve

Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve is located in the district of Utiel-Requena and the province of Cuenca.. This is a wild and isolated reserve which has benefited from being untouched by man. The Cabriel valley’s steep rocky walls are covered in lush fauna and provide refuge for many endangered species. The total protected area covers 31,446 ha.

There is a Visitors’ Centre in Las Hoces del Cabriel, located in Casas de Mirasol, at the Contreras Reservoir (Minglanilla). Free guided tours can be arranged but reservations must be made at least 3 days before hand.

This canyon, with its sharply steep sides and vertical walls is, without a doubt, a place of interest due to its geology features and landscape. In addition there is another formation called the Knives caused by erosion of the soft part of the rock that has generated an impressive vertical ridge.

The Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve is home to Golden Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk and buzzards. Mammals include, hedgehog, weasel, polecat, badger, genet, dormouse, squirrel, mountain goat and otter. Also amphibians and reptiles are well represented in the area.

The walls of the valley are covered with white pine, Carrasco and oak. Mediterranean scrubland is predominant which includes plants such as rosemary, boxwood, broom, lavender and thyme.


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