Cabañeros National Park

Cabañeros National Park

The landscape of Cabañeros National Park is formed by extensive grazing lands and hills and peaks covered with Mediterranean forest and scrublands. It is located in the Montes de Toledo (Toledo mountains). It covers 1,805ha and spans across two provinces, Ciudad Real and Toledo.

The Park has several entrances; the most convenient being at Horcajo de los Montes and Navas de Estena. Pueblonuevo de Bullaque and Horcajo de los Montes all have visitors' centres. Visits to the main parts of the park need booking – the guided visit will be made either on foot or by jeep. The best time of the year for a visit is the spring or the autumn.

Over 200 different bird species have been recorded in the Cabañeros National Park. It is especially important refuge for the endangered black vulture (it has the second biggest colony in the world). Another endangered bird found here is the black stork as well as white stork, black-winged kite, golden eagle, imperial eagle, and eagle owl. It also contains 45 species of mammals, including deer, wild boar, and the Iberian lynx.

Its flora includes a wide variety of trees and bushes. These include gall and holm oak, maple, cork, rockrose, rosemary and lavender.


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