Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve

Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve

Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve is located around Santander's southern bay. This reserve includes the Peña Cabarga massif and covers approximately 26² km. The mountains are a karstic origin and have mined for iron as far back as the Roman era. From the peaks, the visitor is offered stunning views of Santander and its bay.

Heras reservoir is a place of particular beauty.

Human intervention on the northern slope of Peña Cabarga has left an indelible mark comprising cultivated farmland and pastures for cattle. Further up the mountain, there are rocky areas that remind the observer of the areas important mining heritage that dates back to Roman times.

Raptors found here include the egyptian vulture and travelling hawk. Other birds which are common to the small masses of waters found here include herons, water pullet and zampullín small.

Although the Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve has been heavily used by humans the south side still has indigenous plant life growing on its slopes, with vast holm oak woods native to the region.


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