Urkiola Natural Park

Urkiola Natural Park

The Urkiola Natural Park is located southeast of Bizkaia and northeast of Alava and covers 5,955ha. The Park is characterised by the rocky peaks of highest part of the Aramotz Mountain Range and its beech, oak and birch forests.

The area is popular with walkers and mountain climbers alike.

There are a large number of recommended routes through the Park: These are marked as GRs and PRs. Other specific routes are described in brochures that can be acquired at the Toki Alai, the Parketxe or Information Centre. As it is forbidden to camp here, however, there are two shelters in the Sanctuary for those who want to spend the night in the Park.

The Sanctuary of San Antonio Abad and Padua is situated in the middle of the park and is a place of pilgrimage.

The Hirugurutze observation point is a popular place to see fantastic panoramic views of the mountains and valleys

The Urkiola Natural Park is the natural habitat of the raptors Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and peregrine falcons. Other birds include alpine dunnock, rock thrush, goshawk, kingfishers and honey buzzard. Reptiles and mammals are also well represented.

There are plenty of conifer plantations, but original woodlands of Pyrenean oaks, conifers, chestnuts and beech still exist.