Izki Natural Park

Izki Natural Park

The Izki Natural Park is located in the very far southeast of Alava. It covers 9,081ha, of which 3,500ha is forest of Pyrenean oak. Surrounded by mountains, it lies on a high plateau and has within its boundaries a beautiful gorge.

Located within the Park is the village of Corres where there is an Information Centre. Positioned above a gorge, this medieval village still retains much of its original architecture and provides fantastic views down into the ravine.

The walled villages of Antoñana and Peñacerrada-Urizaharra are both worth visiting. As is the artificial caves or hermitage of Marquínez and Laño located within the gorge.

This valley is edged by limestone mountains with massive rock faces such as La Muela, Soila and Arlucea, forming a huge amphitheatre at the head of the valley.

The animal and bird species within the Izki Natural Park are diverse. They include wild boars, roebuck wild cats and golden eagles. There is also a large colony of Griffin vultures

Izki contains a number of gigantic yew trees, the "Aginal", near Apellániz. There are also Pyrenean oak, gall oak and beech Woods.