Archipiélago de Cabrera National Park

Archipiélago de Cabrera National Park

The Cabrera National Park is a group of 19 small islands and islets located 10km south of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands .  The protected area covers 10,021ha and is predominantly sea, although just over 1,800ha is protected land which includes la de Cabrera.  La de Cabrera is a very small island which is only 5km at its widest point.

Access is restricted and visitors to the park are limited to 200 per day (more in August).   Boat trips are available to the Cabrera from Colonia de Sant Jordi and Porto Petro (on the south coast of Mallorca).  Free guided walks can be arranged from the Quay with the parks wardens.  These include a walk up to the viewpoint Na Bella Miranda and a walk to the lighthouse on Punta de S'Ensiola. 

Valldemossa on Majorca is worth a visit, this pretty town is home to the former monastery, La Cartuja de Valldemossa.

The D’Alt Vila (Ibiza Old Town) is a lively area which has a medieval district and is home to many bars and clubs.

Ibiza San Antonio is a famous place where many go to see wonderful sunsets. 

The landscape of the Cabrera National Park is characterized by woodlands, fertile plains, and coastlines with numerous sandy coves separated by craggy cliffs

As diving is prohibited and boats are not allowed to anchor around the islands they remain a haven for many sea creatures.  The deep clear waters provide ideal breeding grounds for dolphins, sperm and pilot whales, turtles and coral.  80% of the worlds Balearic Lizard live here.  The islands play an important role for many seabirds during migration periods.
The Cabrera National Park is rich in plant life, with around 430 species recorded and 30 of which are endemic.


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