Posets-Maladeta Natural Park

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The Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve is located in the north easterly part of the Aragonese Pyrennees. The Reserve is a group of mountains which includes some of the highest summits in the Iberian Peninsula. The protected area is located high up - between 1,500 metres at the bottom of the valley and 3,404 metres at the summit of Aneto (the highest point of the Reserve). Because of its height, it has great ecological importance, stunning landscapes and is rich with diverse flora and fauna.

The Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve covers the municipalities of Benasque, Gistaín Montanuy, San Juan de Sahagún and Plan. It has an area of about 33,267 hectares and its altitude ranges from 1,500 metres to 3,404 metres (the summit of Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees). Other significant peaks include the Punta d'Astorg (3,355 metres), Pico Maldito (3,350 metres), Middle Peak (3346 metres), Pico de Coronas (3293 metres), Pico Storms (3,290 metres) or Pico del Alba (3,118 metres).

The park is located to the south east of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park and to the northeast of Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park.

Information about trails in the area can be obtained through the Benasque Valley Tourism Association. During winter, the area is popular with winter sports tourists.


The Nature Reserve extends over the townships of Benasque, Gistaín, Montanuy, Sahún and San Juan de Plan. Benasque is a typical mountain village. A gentle walk around the streets of the historic quarter will take you to old houses such as Casa Juste and the Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza.

One of the most outstanding values of this National Reserve is the glacier formation of its mountains. They have been carved out leaving the remains of moraines, with many rocks or small lakes as souvenirs of cirques, to which must be added the numerous karstic phenomena.

The reserve is home many animals and birds. These include the birds of prey golden eagle, vulture, bearded vulture and mammals, bears, otters, chamois, roe deer and wild boar.

The valleys are covered with pines and firs. Further up in the upper reaches of the Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve the predominant vegetation is herbaceous and suited to rocky ground.


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