Dehesa de Moncayo Natural Park

Nature Parks in Aragon

The Dehesa de Moncayo Natural Park covers 1.400 hectares and includes the highest peak of the Iberian mountain range (Moncayo peak, 2.315m). It is located in the province of Zaragoza. The Moncayo is unique because it is the only massif that has staggered plant formations.

The park is located to the south of the Valles Occidentales Natural Park.

The area surrounding the Dehesa de Moncayo Natural Parkis rich in history, with many churches, monasteries and castles from various centuries.

Tarazona is particularly worth visiting. It is a busy town which has a 12th century cathedral along with a Moorish and Jewish quarter. There is also an old bullring which is said to be one of the most original bullrings in Spain.

At Los Fayos there are the remains of a 12th century castle and a cave called ‘Caco’s Cave’ which in folklore is believed to be where a monster of the same name lived.

The fauna in the reserve is abundant. Birds of prey include golden eagle and goshawk. Mammals such as rabbit, fox, wild boar, badger and roe deer are also found here.

The Dehesa de Moncayo Natural Park is the highest in the Iberian mountain range (2,373 metres) and has diverse landscapes: from glacier remains on the hilltop to deep forests of beech, kermes oak, oak, pine and juniper trees on its mountain sides.


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