Sierra de Huetor Natural Park

Sierra de Huetor Natural Park

The Sierra de Huétor Natural Park is a popular park due to its close proximity of the provincial capital of Granada.  It is a dramatic mountainous area that consists of steep cliffs, springs and caves and covers a total of 12,128ha.  The porous limestone rocks have eroded away over thousands of years to leave many caves including the Cueva del Agua.  The area is home to many endemic and rare plants and also the endangered wild cat. The park is situated to the north west of the Sierra Nevada National Park and south of the Sierra Magina Natural Park.

Puerto de Lobo has a visitor’s centre which provides information on the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park and its walks.  Several of the walks are signposted. 

The enclaves near this Nature Reserve, such as Puerto de la Mora or the Arab baths of Cogollos Vega, as well as Cueva del Agua or Fuente Grande in Aldácar make a trip to this Nature Park even more attractive.

The mountain ranges of the Sierra de Huetor constitute a complex orography due to their limestone nature. 

As with many of the mountain ranges in this area, the park is home to a large number of raptors.  These include golden and booted eagles, buzzards, goshawks, sparrowhawks, eagle, little and tawny owls.  Wild boar, badgers, genets, beech martins and weasels are some of the mammals found here.  Ladder and Monpellier snakes as well a diverse number of lizards also inhabit the area.  There is also an endemic species of butterfly - the blue lysandra bellargus ssp alfacariensis.

The predominant (and introduced) tree species in the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park are pine – Aleppo, Larico and Austrian.  However, there are some areas of native woodland which contain holm, and gall oaks which are mainly found in the areas of Linollos, La Ermita, Las Mimbres and La Gallega.  The area is rich in flowering plants, with over 800 recorded, many of which are endemic to the Iberian peninsula.


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