Sierra de Alhamilla Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Sierra de Alhamilla Natural area is a large predominately barren mountain range.  The protected area is 8,500ha and is located close by to Almeria city.  The area is stunning with its cavernous gullies and peaks, the highest of which is the Colativí peak reaching 1,387m.

There are some tracks leading into the mountain range.  From Cerro del Punta you can cycle or walk to the Colativí peak.

The Baños de Alhamilla must be visited!  These are natural hot springs which have been housed by marble sunken baths made by the Romans.  The Andarax valley and down to the Mediterranean can be seen from the baths.

Níjar is another place worth visiting.  This is famous for its locally made pottery and rugs and bedspreads made from rags, known as jarapas.

The Sierra de Alhamilla Natural area is home to the largest amount of certain steppe, such as stone curlews, little bustards and short-toed larks.  During migration periods, there are hen harriers and Montagu's harriers.

Blue rock thrushes, crag martins, alpine swifts and black wheateaters all use the cliffs close to the rivers for nesting.  Birds of prey such as booted and Bonelli's eagles inhabit the upper regions of the mountains.

Common mammals found here include the white-toothed shrew, genet, beech marten and wild boar.  Reptiles and amphibians include ocellated, spine-footed, Spanish sand lizards and marsh frogs and southern toads.

Although the Sierra de Alhamilla Natural area is semi-arid it contains a wide variety of flora.  The mountain range is one of Spain's most important habitats for the rare rosemary rosmarinus eriocalyx.  Holm oaks are adapted well and manage to survive in what can best be described as a difficult to grow area.


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