Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Punta Entias-Sabinar Natural area is 15km stretch of coastline.  It is close to the resort Roquetas del Ma.  It provides a much needed refuge for birds as it is surrounded by intensive agriculture. More than 150 species of birds have been recorded in this wetland, these include flamingos and the rare Audouin's gull. There is a larger protected region to the west which covers 785ha in Punta Entinas.  This has been designated a natural reserve and has a higher level of environmental protection. The combined areas are made up of sand dunes, beach and a raised beach called Los Alcores.  Within the dunes are a mixture of saline and freshwater lakes.

Punta Entinas and Punta Sabinar are not linked by road.  They can only be reached by driving inland or by walking along the beach.

A huge variety of birds visit the wetland area, particularly during migration periods.  During this time it is possible to see red-crested pochards, great cormorants, grey herons among many others.  The steppe around the wetlands provides home to black-bellied sandgrouse, stone curlews and little bustards. Waders inhabit the mud flats of the lakes shores as well as redshanks and sanderlings. Elsewhere in the Mediterranean scrubland are spine-footed, ocellated, Algerian sand and Spanish sand lizards and Montpellier snakes.

The coastal dunes are home to Mediterranean scrubland plants like lentisc, Phoenician junipers and joint pines. The predominant vegetation in the wetland areas of the Punta Entias-Sabinar Natural area are saltwort and glasswort.


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