Penas de Aroche Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Peñas de Aroche is a protected mountainous areas covers about seven hundred hectares.  It is quiet remote and therefore not visited on mass.  It is located southwest of Aroche.

Aroche is home to beautiful whitewashed houses and a medieval castle which has been restored.  Due to its remoteness it is generally quiet and free of hoards of tourists.

The Peñas de Aroche is home to the rare black vulture and several other birds of prey such as the golden eagle and short-toed eagle.  Lynx, otters and wild boar also inhabit the area.

The predominant vegetation is replanted eucalyptus and pine trees.  However, there are still some native large areas of Mediterranean scrubland. Kermes oak, strawberry trees, rockroses and heather are scattered among the holm oaks and cork trees.


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