Marismas del Río Piedras y la Flecha del Rompido Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The marshes of the river Piedras and El Rompido spit cover a protected area of just over two thousand five hundred hectares.  A long sand bar has formed where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean called the Barra or Flecha del Rompido. It is unique in its size for the Andalusian coast; reaching a total of 12km.  It is situated west of Huelva. 

The sandbar/spit can be reached from the beach at La Antilla. 

The reserve is an important feeding and breeding area for many birds.  During migration times the number of species is extremely diverse.  Spoonbills, waders, terns, wagtails, ospreys and cormorants are just some examples.

As with most marshes glasswort is one of the predominant plants along with a variety of wildflowers such as sea holly, sea rocket and sea lavender on the sand dunes.


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