Marismas del Río Palmones Natural Park

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park
The Marismas del Río Palmones Natural Area covers an area of  about sixty hectares.  This includes large (reaching up to 300m high) costal dunes, marshland and intertidal pools and creeks.  The reserve is a protected jewel squeezed between busy industrial areas.  Before industrial build up, the area was home to many more marismas.  However, it is now the last of the marshlands in the Bahía de Algerciras, the bay between Algeciras and Gibraltar.  For this reason it is an important feeding and resting place for migrating birds on their way from Europe to Africa.

There is an observatory north of the village of El Rinconccillo, this provides the visitor with probably one of the best views of the Palmones river.

The Marismas del Río Palmones Natural Area provides refuge for migratory birds such as waders, herons, flamingos and spoonbills.  Recordings have shown over 170 species of bird here.  Winter time attracts ducks, gulls, ospreys, terns and comorants here.

The predominant vegetation of the Marismas del Río Palmones Natural Area is glasswort, reeds and bulrushes.  The dunes are home to a expansive number of species of plant including Mormon tea Kermes oak, mastic trees, reedmace, sage-leaf rockrose, myrtle, blackthorn and bracken.


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