Lebrija Las Cabezas Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Lebrija - Las Cabezas Natural Reserve is an important wetland reserve, made up of 949ha. Pilón, Taraje, Cigarrera, Peña, Galiana and Charroao, in order of size with Pilón being the largest.  Although it consists of six lakes only one, the Taraje Lake, has water all the year round.  The area is particularly important for migrating birds.

The reserve plays host many different species of birds including purple herons, black-winged stilt, snipe, mallards and coots.  The rare white-headed duck and red-knobbed coot can also be seen here.  Mammals found here include genets and badgers.

The predominate vegetation is tamarisk as well as reeds and rushes


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