Las Marismas del Odiel Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Paraje Natural de las Marismas del Odiel is a large wetland reserve.  Its protected area includes fresh and saltwater marshland (marismas) and the estuary of Odiel and Tinto rivers.  Spring and winter see a large population of waterfowl using the area for breeding and feeding.  The Paraje Natural de las Marismas del Odiel includes several other smaller natural reserves, these are as follows: the Reserva Natural Marismas del Burro, the Reserva Natural Isla de Enmedio, the Paraje Natural Estero de Domingo Rubio and the Paraje Natural Lagunas de Palos y las Madres.

There is a visitors centre (Centro de Visitantes Calatilla) which provides maps and information on the area, such as guided tours etc.  It also has exhibitions and audiovisual information for the visitor. There are many walks within the area, several of which start close to the visitor centre.  There is also a 5.5km walk from Playa La Bota. The footpath/cycleway takes the visitor along the edges of the Bota and Punta rivers and also passes a disused saltworks.

Close to the natural area are the cities of Huelva, Moguer and Punta Umbria, all of which are worth visiting.

These particular marshlands are home to a large population of spoonbills (approximately one third of Europe’s population).   Other waterfowl found here include grey and purple herons, storks, little egrets and little terns to name but a few.  During migration periods thousands of flamingos and waders use the area for feeding.

Due to the diversity of habitats within the reserve there is a huge variety of vegetation.   The marshlands (marismas) for instance are home to glasswort, tamarisk, rosemary and stone pines.


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