Lagunas de Archidona Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Lagunas de Archidona Natural Reserve is a protected area of around 190ha.  It includes two lakes; Laguna Grande which is the largest of the two and is freshwater and Laguna Chica which is saltwater. 

The Laguna Grande is the perfect home to Spanish terrapins and water snakes.  Significantly the only mammal found in the lakes are water voles.  Migrating and resident waterfowl include grey herons, mallards, great crested and black-necked grebes.  The woods and scrubland surrounding the lakes are home to many different types of birds including cuckoos, kestrels, partridges and owls.  As well as badgers, hedgehogs, dormice, polecats, weasels and foxes.

The predominant vegetation around the lakes is tamarisk, reedbeds and rushes.  In the surrounding area are holm and kermes oaks and Mediterranean scrub.


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