Laguna de Zóñar Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

Laguna de Zóñar Natural Reserve includes a large inland saline lake.  The total protected area covers 370ha, with its lake alone measuring 37a.  It is an important site for migrating birds as well as providing a vital place for other species to breed and overwinter. 

There is a visitor centre from which two trails around the reserve begin. 

The village Aguilar de la Frontera located nearby is very pretty small town and is certainly worth taking a detour for.  There is interesting architecture and history throughout the town.

The lake is at its busiest during winter.  Huge flocks of birds including great crested grebes, little grebes, shelducks and sholvelers visit the area.  The reeds around the lake provide a perfect habitat for reed warblers. Different species of terrapins, frogs, salamanders and snakes live in and around the lake.

Plants found here include tamarisk, bulrushes, giant reeds (which dominate the feeder streams to the lake) and yellow and St Johns Wort but to name but a few.

The surrounding area is home to Mediterranean scrubland, which includes wild olives  and lentisc.


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