Laguna de Medina Natural Park

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Laguna de Medina Natural Park houses an important lake which provides a breeding and overwintering site for many waterfowl.  The lake itself is 121ha and the protected surrounded area is 254ha. 

It is possible to walk around the southern part of the reserve via a footpath.  However, the northern end is not accessible as it is privately owned.

Winter attracts the rare marbled and ferruginous duck and crested coots.  White-headed ducks and reed warblers also use the area for breeding. Other birds seen here include marsh and Montagu's harriers, common buzzards, curlew sandpipers and little stints.  In summertime dragonflies and butterflies are abundant.

Reeds, reedmace and rushes skirt the lake along with tamarisk.  The land around the Laguna de Medina Natural Park is home to scrubland which includes lentisc, rockroses and dwarf fan palms.  Spring time sees the immergence of many wildflowers and orchids.


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