Laguna del Gosque Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

Laguna Del Gosque Natural Reserve is a seasonal saltwater lake.  Located in Seville is provides a vital breeding site for flamingos.  The birds particularly use the area when the water and food is low at the nearby Laguna de Fuente de la Piedra.

Flamingos are most common place.  Rare species such as the white-headed ducks and red-knobbed coots also use the reserve.  As well as more common birds such as mallards, gadwalls, shovelers and little grebes.  Waders can often be seen along the short beach here.

The lake makes an ideal habitat for reeds, reedmace, tamarisk and glasswort.  There are some holm oaks which makeup a small woodland; most have been cleared for agricultural development.


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