Laguna Amarga Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Laguna de Zóñar is a series of saline lakes.  They are the largest in largest in southern Cordoba province and the deepest in Andalucia. The lake is particularly important for aquatic birds as they use it for breeding and overwintering.
The visitor centre Centro de Visitantes Zóñar provides information about the lakes, there is also a carpark and bird hides there.  Both of the two trails around the reserve start at the visitor centre.   

Winter time is the time to visit the Laguna de Zóñar.  The visitor is rewarded with views of huge amounts of aquatic birds.  These include great crested grebes, little grebes, shelducks, shovelers, teals, gadwalls and red-crested pochards.  Reptiles and amphibians found here are terrapins, frogs, salamanders and snakes.

Tamarisk is the main vegetation.  Bulrushes, yellow wort and the medicinal plant  St Johns Wort are also found here.  The freshwater streams flowing into the lake are full of giant reeds.


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