Guadalhorce River Estuary Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Guadalhorce River Estuary Natural Area comprises of the silty delta of the Gudalhorce river and a series of artificial ponds and scrubland. During migration it provides a stopping place for many hundreds of different species of birds and is a permanent home to many others.
The area was previously used for gravel and sand extraction before becoming a designated Natural Area.

Some of the common bird residents include moorhens, water rails, Cetti's warblers and crested larks.  Summer, autumn and winter bring different visitors.  In summer the area becomes home to yellow wagtails, reed warblers and nightingales. Autumn and winter brings bluethroats, penduline tits, black-necked as well as many different types of ducks. Some of the more common mammals found here are weasels, polecats and foxes.

Reedbeds and host of other aquatic plants thrive in the Guadalhorce River Estuary Natural Area. Poplars, willows and eucalyptus are found along the river banks.  Elsewhere there are tamarisks and palm trees.


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