Estuario del Río Guadiaro Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Estuario del Rio Guadiaro covers only 27ha.  However, it is still a very important wetland area particularly for migrating birds as it is the only wetland site for 100km between the estuaries of the Guadalhorce river near Malaga and the Palmones river.

There is a boardwalk footpath through the area.

Due to its location near the near the Strait of Gibraltar, the Estuario del Rio Guadiaro sees copious amounts of migrant birds.  Penduline tits are found here in high numbers, along with Flamingos, spoonbills, purple herons and ospreys.  Winter sees gulls and waders along with jack snipe. The estuary waters are populated by otters and eels.

The predominant vegetation is reeds, along with saltmarsh bulrushes.  The area does have some trees including are ash trees, tamarisk and wild olive trees.


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