Estero de Domingo Rubio Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Estero de Domingo Rubio Natural Area is located 7 km south of Huelva city.  It covers an area of 480 ha.  The Estero is actually a stream which runs into the Odiel/Tinto estuary.  It is encircled by saltmarshes and mudflats at the estuary end and freshwater marshes further upstream. Also at the upper end is a freshwater lake.

There is a signposted footpath that takes you close to the stream.

In spring, the area is used for breeding by terns, herons and little bitterns. In winter, coots, shovelers and purple gallinules are found here amongst many others. Wild boar, otters, and lizards are also resident here.

The saltwater part of the stream provides an ideal habitat for a wide variety of vegetation including glasswort and reedmace. The lake is bordered by stone pines.


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