Cascada de la Cimbarra Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Cascade de la Cimbarra Natural Area is a series of stunning waterfalls which covers an area of around 500ha.  They are found on the Guarrizas river.  The highest being 50m which is the Cascade de la Cimbarra and the smallest is Cascada del Cimbarrillo.


The area has two signposted walks, one is 6km which takes you from the village of Aldeaquemada to the Cascada de la Cimbarra.

The waterfalls cascade over eroded slate, which over a period of time has evolved into impressive steep cliffs.

Booted eagle and the golden eagle are both found here.  Other birds of prey include black vultures, buzzards and griffons.  Kingfishers and wagtails inhabit the water courses. Foxes and wild cats are some of the mammals that live here.

The Cascade de la Cimbarra is home to holm and cork oaks, along with rock roses, lentisc and rosemary.


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