Alto Guadalquivir Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Alto Guadalquivir Natural Area comprises three reservoirs (referred to as embalses).  Embalse de Puente La Cerrada is located in the east, in the middle is the Embalse de Doña Aldonza and to the west is, the Embalse de Pedro Martín (the smallest reservoir).  It is located along the upper part of the Guadalquivir river and covers an area 663ha.

The Alto Guadalquivir is used by migrating birds as well as being a breeding area. It also attracts a considerable bird population during summer because it is located in a region where water is scarce.


Many different waterfowl occupy the vegetation around the reservoirs. These include Purple gallinules, shovelers, ferruginous ducks and white-headed ducks.  Others that breed here are pochards, marsh harriers as well as grey and purple herons.

The vegetation around the Alto Guadalquivir reservoirs includes poplars and willows and on the edge of the waters you’ll find rushes, tamarisks and reeds.


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