Albufera de Adra Natural Reserve

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Albufera de Adra is located ten kilometres east of the industrial port of Adra and comprising of 217ha on Mediterranean coast is this small wetland reserve. The area is intensively farmed but the reserve provides a wildlife oasis! It comprises of intertidal marshes and a series of coastal lagoons of varying depths and degrees of salinity.  Albufera Honda (Deep Lake) and Albufera Nueva (New Lake) are the two largest lakes and there is a third one, which is much smaller, just outside the reserve's boundary.   The area is an important bird breeding site, most notably for the white-headed duck. During migration many thousands of birds use the area as a stop off whilst others use it as a place to stay to over-winter.


Sightseeing/ Walking
The birds can be observed from one of three observatories (only one is open to the public).

The Albufera de Adra is home to eastern Andalucia's most significant population of the white-headed duck.  During winter tufted ducks and pochards are the most predominant;, coots, wigeons, little egrets, tufted ducks are also common.

Albufera Honda has the most nests in the reserve due to its abundance of reeds and rushes. Breeding birds found here include white storks, red-crested pochards and little bitterns.

In the lakes waters the endangered Iberian toothcarp is found.  Spanish terrapins and Canary Islands hyla are the amphibians that inhabit the lakes.

The Albufera de Adra lakes are fringed by phragmites reeds, spiny rushes and sea rushes.  Tamarisk, giant reeds and extensive beds of sea club rushes is also found here.


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