Alborán Natural Area

Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park

The Isla de Alborán is located in the Mediterranean sea and is 48km from the port of Adra on the Almeria coast. The protected area covers the island itself and a band of sea around it.  It is an area rich marine life, which is home to one of the most threatened marine species in the Mediterranean, the limpet patella ferrunginea. Bottle-nose dolphins are found here as well as and several species of coral.


The Isla de Alborán is difficult to visit due to its location and a permit is needed from the Ministry of Defence.

Made of volcanic rock, the island is only 600m long and 265m wide. It has approximately 2km of shoreline made up of cliffs and caves, although there are two beaches on its southern side.

Along with the cliffs of Cabo de Gata, the Isla de Alborán is one of the most significant breeding sites for seabirds in southeastern Spain and is an important stopping place for migrating birds on their journey between Europe and Africa.
The island is home to many seabirds, like Audouin's and black headed gulls. Gannets, razorbills, comorants and puffins are common during migration periods. Whales, dolphins and sea turtles, as well as a rich variety of fish and shellfish are all found here.

Endemic plant species include two from the daisy/aster family senecio alboranicus and anacyclus alboranensis, which are both strictly protected under EU legislation.


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