Nature Parks in Castilla la Mancha

Nature Parks in Castilla La Mancha
Alto Tajo Nature Reserve
The Nature Park has the most extensive amount of ravines and canyons in the region. Carved out by the River Tajo and its tributaries, it’s full of wonderfully eroded rocks which have been shaped into needles, monoliths and terraces. Its landscape is extremely diverse and includes mountains, lagoons, ravines and canyons, valleys, moors, salt marshes, and peat bogs. This diversity is why it is so important ecologically as it supports a huge array of flora and fauna. The area is located between the south-eastern part of the province of Guadalajara and the north-eastern part of the province of Cuenca and covers 176,265 ha.
Barranco del Río Dulce Nature Reserve
The Barranco del Rio Dulce Nature Reserve is situated in the northern area of the province of Guadalajara, on the westernmost outskirts of the Iberian Mountain System. The protected area covers 8,348ha and consists of a gorge which has been carved out by the river Dulce. Erosion of the limestone rocks has left stunning and diverse shapes, including shelters, rock forms with the shape of a boat's bow, stone arches, crags, mushrooms and pinnacles.
Cabañeros National Park
The landscape of Cabañeros National Park is formed by extensive grazing lands and hills and peaks covered with Mediterranean forest and scrublands. It is located in the Montes de Toledo (Toledo mountains). It covers 1,805ha and spans across two provinces, Ciudad Real and Toledo.
Hayedo Tejera Negra Nature Reserve
Located north east of the province of Guadalajara is the Hayedo de Tejera Negra Nature Reserve. The rivers Lillas and Zarzas have eroded deep valleys that run parallel to each other and edge the outer limits of the reserve. The reserve is home to vegetation that would normally been seen closer to the Atlantic. The height of the Sierra has helped to create a microclimate which has enabled beech groves to survive. This is the most southern beech grove in Europe. The reserve covers a total of 1391 Hectares.
Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve
Hoces del Cabriel Nature Reserve is located in the district of Utiel-Requena and the province of Cuenca.. This is a wild and isolated reserve which has benefited from being untouched by man. The Cabriel valley’s steep rocky walls are covered in lush fauna and provide refuge for many endangered species. The total protected area covers 31,446 ha.
Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve
The Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Reserve is located in the Alto Valle del Río Guadiana (High River Guadiana Valley) and it marks the border between Ciudad Real and Albacete. It is a wetland area which consists of network of 15 lagoons. Each is linked with the other by a series of waterfalls which acts as part of a natural drainage system for the Campo de Montiel aquifer. The reserve covers an area of 3,772 Hectares
Los Calares del Rio Mundo y de la Sima Nature Reserve
The Calares del Río Mundo y de la Sima Nature Reserve comprises of the sites known as: Calar del Mundo, Calar de En Medio, Chorros del río Mundo, Poljé de la Cañada de los Mojones, Sierra del Cujón and Calar de la Sima.