Nature Parks in Cantabria

Nature Parks in Cantabria
Las Dunas de Liencres National Park
The Las Dunas de Liencres National Park is located between the Liencres coast and the Mogro river (a tributary of the Pas river). It covers 194ha and consists of beaches and dunes. Due to strong winds that affect the area the dunes constantly move and are re-sculpted making it one of the largest dune areas in Cantabria.
Oyambre Nature Park
The Oyambre Nature Park covers an area of 196ha. With the Picos de Europa mountains as a backdrop, the reserve includes a strip of the western coast of Cantabria, between the Rabia and San Vicente de la Barquera estuaries. Its landscapes are varied and include estuaries, dunes, beaches, cliffs, as well as hills and valleys.
Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve
Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve is located around Santander's southern bay. This reserve includes the Peña Cabarga massif and covers approximately 26² km. The mountains are a karstic origin and have mined for iron as far back as the Roman era. From the peaks, the visitor is offered stunning views of Santander and its bay.
Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park
The Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park is an estuary which is an important migration stop off point and winter refuge from many species of birds. The park covers 3,866 ha and is distributed among the municipal terms of Argoños, Bárcena of Cicero, Colindres, Escalante, Laredo, Clean, Noja, Santoña and Voto.
Saja-Besaya Nature Reserve
The Saja-Besaya Nature Reserve is located within the Caza de Saja National Park and covers 24500 Ha. It is named after the Saja and Besaya rivers which run through the reserve. It consists of deep valleys, the mountain range of Greater Barcena, woodland and pastures.