Nature Parks in the Balearics

Nature Parks in the Balearics
Albufera des Grau Nature Reserve
Located in Menorca this nature reserve stretches for eight and a half kilometres northwards along the coast from Cap de Favàritz. The reserve consists of dunes, freshwater lake, wetlands and scrubland as well as Talayotic and Roman ruins.
Archipiélago de Cabrera National Park
The Cabrera National Park is a group of 19 small islands and islets located 10km south of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands .  The protected area covers 10,021ha and is predominantly sea, although just over 1,800ha is protected land which includes la de Cabrera.  La de Cabrera is a very small island which is only 5km at its widest point.
Dragonera Nature Reserve
The Nature Reserve is formed by three islands: Pantaleu, Mitjana and Sa Dragonera. It is separated from Mallorca by the Freu Channel and can only be reached by boat. This beautiful reserve is largely untouched and is around 300ha in total.
Mondragó Nature Reserve
The nature reserve is located in the south-east coast of Mallorca near the town of Santanyí. It consists mainly of beaches, sea cliffs, dunes and streams and covers a total of 785ha. The reserve is extremely beautiful and is of ecological importance to both flora and fauna.
Ses Salines of Ibiza Nature Reserve
The Nature Reserve includes almost all the southern tip of Ibiza, the north of Formentera and the islets which separate both islands. It is an ecosystem with a rich diversity, designated an Area of Special Protection for Birds. It covers nearly 3,000ha of land and just over 9,000ha of water. Its beautiful landscapes include beaches, dunes and salt flats.