Walking Holidays in Spain | Map View

walking holidays in spain - map showing regions, cities and airports Andalucia Extremadura Foral de Navarra Galicia Asturias Cantabria Pais Vasco Aragon Catalunya Mallorca Ibiza Menorca Castillia de Leon Rioja Madrid Valenciana Murcia Castillia la Mancha

How to Use This Map

Put your cursor over the map and click. This will take you to the regional description which details the countryside, the type of walking available, local history, major cities and companies working in this region.

Getting to Spain

If you’re planning a walking holiday in Spain then you may want to choose an area which is relatively easy to get to. This is particularly important if you have limited time available and don’t want to spend too much of it travelling. Spain is well served by flights from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany because of the volume of tourist traffic and there are some very cheap flights available, particularly into the more popular airports.

Most of the companies that offer walking holidays are within 90 minutes drive of a major airport or the ferry port at Santander. These are listed below with the most popular first. Clicking on the ‘Airport Information’ link will take you to the Wikipedia entry for that airport which lists the airlines flying to it as well as providing other useful information.

It is not necessary to travel to the remote regions of Spain to find unspoilt areas as even the biggest costal developments don’t extend more than a few miles inland and Spain is relatively sparsely populated compared to other European countries.